3 Ways to Create More Small Home Office Space

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3 Ways to Create More Small Home Office Space With Less of a Budget

by Alice Robertson

Looking to create a functional, stylish workspace for yourself at home? Are you also looking at tight square footage and an even tighter budget? Well, you’re actually in luck! You don’t need a lot of room or a lot of cash to create a home office that fits your needs and your style. All you really need are these budget-friendly home office hacks and tips.

Shrink Your Budget with a BestBuy Promo Code

When you are trying to fit an office into your smaller home, fitting the cost of equipment into your budget can be a big challenge. However, you can meet all of your home office equipment needs without going over budget by shopping online with major retailers like BestBuy. Shopping online with BestBuy allows you to compare thousands of items all at once, plus you can click this link to find BestBuy promo codes to help save you more on those already low prices.

Don’t let the home office savings stop with your office equipment though! You can also use those online coupons to snag a space-saving desk to fit your home office into a corner of your home or keep your back supported with an office chair available on BestBuy. 

Look for Cost-Effective Ways to Declutter and Clean Your Space 

Before all of those budget-friendly online purchases arrive, you may need to clear out some space inside your home. Decluttering and cleaning is a great way to start your home office project and can help you make the most of the square footage you do have. Decluttering doesn’t have to cost you a cent either, especially when you look for ways to repurpose items around your home. For example, put old shoeboxes to use as storage containers under sinks and in closets and use old cardboard to help divide drawers into more manageable sections. Once you have your space all cleared out, you will also want to wipe down and clean those surfaces. Use this list of budget-friendly cleaning tips to refresh your new office space before you start setting up, and keep the rest of your tiny home tidy as well. If you have a few things to get rid of once you’re done with the cleaning and decluttering, consider selling them to earn some additional cash for your home office set-up and boost your budget even more. 

If you simply don’t have room in your home for a small office, then you could always spend a little time — and some of your budget — to transform your garage into a fully functional workspace. Alternatively, if you don’t have a garage and want to splurge a little, you could erect a prefab steel building in your backyard, which could serve as your office. This is helpful if you plan to have clients over to your workspace, as it will prevent them from entering your home. 

Avoid Spending a Small Fortune on Your Small Home Office Decor 

One area where it’s easy to save some cash is decorating your new home workspace. Since you’re working with a smaller space, you could embrace a minimalist approach, which can boost your home office style as well as your focus when working. A small plant and some stylish office supplies are really all you need to pull a smaller workspace together. If you prefer to add more decor to your new home office, you should find easy ways to save on your purchases. Shop with budget-friendly home decor retailers to stretch those dollars even further and find everything you need to personalize your office area. Amazon tops this list as well, so this may be another opportunity to use those promo codes you found earlier. Another trick for saving on decor is to look around at thrift stores for old items to upcycle for your home office. For example, you can use old mason jars to hold pens and pencils, turn small rugs into storage baskets, and even frame old book pages to create your own unique home office decor on the cheap. 

Working an effective, attractive home office into your smaller home doesn’t have to be a challenge. Doing so on a budget doesn’t have to stress you out either, especially when saving money on all of your home office needs can be so simple. Promo codes, online retailers, and secondhand stores make it all so easy to get everything you need!

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